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Mortgage Health Check

When your car insurance is due for renewal, you shop around don't you?
When your mortgage deal comes to an end*... shop around!

No doubt you have a 1, 2, 3, or 5 year special discount rate with your current lender. When it comes to an end, you'll be reverted to your lender's standard variable rate (SVR), and if you're lucky, your lender may offer you a further deal, but is it the best on offer at the time? Bear in mind that your lender will only offer you their limited range of own-brand products.

Ask SHFS for a Mortgage Health Check and we'll help to find the most competitive deal available for your circumstances, right when you need it.

We will take into account any survey and arrangement fees, legal costs and the rate of interest charged to establish how much the new mortgage will cost and how much you will save by switching lenders.

Nowadays processing a new mortgage takes between four and six weeks from start to finish, most of the process is done electronically without you even having to visit the lender. We help with all the paperwork for you, right here, while you watch - it couldn't be easier.

As part of our ongoing service, before each deal comes to an end we will contact you ahead of time to arrange for your next 'mortgage health check', ensuring that you get the best mortgage offers throughout the full term of your mortgage.

We have over 1200 very happy customers currently benefitting from the results of our excellent 'mortgage shopping' skills, so call and make an appointment for your Mortgage Health Check today - you've nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

And please remember - our health check is FREE - no obligation, and we promise no 'heavy sales' techniques, just honest, friendly and up-to-date advice.


*We do not recommend leaving your lender until you have come to the end of your current special deal;
this ensures you avoid paying early redemption fees, which can be costly.