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0163546100 Too much choice = confused! If you were to research all your options, you could spend several days trawling the internet, visiting banks and building societies and still not know which product was best. This is precisely when you need to take advantage of the knowledge and experience your broker can share with you! We know the industry intimately, every product, every special offer, every nuance and niche - it's what we excel at. So save your time and energy and let us save you money by locating excellent, appropriate insurance products that tick all your boxes! insurance-security

Insurance Products

Protect your future

Take a close look at your average monthly outgoings...

How would you cope financially if you were unable to work - do you have a realistic contingency plan? If you were forced to sell your home and the sale took four months (at least), could you survive those four months on state benefits alone?

If you are made redundant

The minimum statutory requirement of any employer is just one week's salary for each year of service if you are aged under 40, and two weeks salary for each year of service if you are aged over 40. Redundancy insurance can provide payments for up to two years.

If you suffer serious illness

You can't take out insurance after the event, this insurance needs to be in place as a 'just in case'. There are various levels of insurance cover to choose from, including permanent health, critical illness, or accident and sickness cover.

Life and Term Assurance

What would happen if you or your partner died? Do you currently rely on two incomes? Would you have to sell your home to cope with everyday living? A Life Assurance policy is a low cost solution; you can opt to have any outstanding mortgage repaid on death, as well as a lump sum, so that your loved ones do not suffer financially or lose the family home.

Income Protection

You insure your car, your home, a trip abroad, but do you insure your income?

If you couldn't work due to illness how would you cope financially? It can happen to anyone and it can turn your life upside down. State benefits are inadequate, particularly in the case of the self employed. Income protection insurance will provide you with a monthly benefit for a pre-defined period, or until you recover, whichever is first.

Redundancy, illness, accident, death. It can happen to anyone. We don't wish to appear morbid, but isn't it better to tick the 'I feel safe now' box with some future-proof insurances than shrug it off and hope for the best...?

Let SHFS guide you through the insurance maze and pinpoint the appropriate cover for your lifestyle - we'll ensure all your corners are covered as your life and circumstances change...after all, nothing stays the same forever!

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